8th CD Vacancy: Fairfax, male

At the 8th CD meeting last evening, Steve Bunn announced a vacancy for his elected seat on the 8th CD Committee (Fairfax, male). Elected Secretary of the State Party in June, he is a member of the DPVA Central Committee and 8th CD Committee by virtue of Party office, thereby making the elected seat available at the pleasure of the elected member. For more about the Committee membership, click here.  Answers about membership on the Central Committee, click here.

In keeping with tradition he’s opted to make his elected 8th CD seat available for another male member from Fairfax to be elected to the seat; election to occur Monday September 21st 7:00 pm at the Falls Church Community Center (223 Little Falls Street, Falls Church, VA 22046) immediately before our next 8th CD meeting.

Historically, in the 8th for Fairfax, this seat has been filled by recommendation from the person leaving the seat and confirmed by the Committee (Surovell, Bell); however, Steve has decided to open the process to election by the elected Fairfax members of the 8th CD Committee. The 8th CD Chair, Margo Horner, recognizes and defers to each component jurisdiction the unique manner that each has employed in filling their respective vacancies.

Elected members of the 8th CD, Fairfax County: Pixie Bell, Rose Chu, Sandra J. Klassen, Susie Warner, Steve Bunn, Abdel Rahman Hamed, Pat Morrison, Scott Surovell, Delegate Mark Sickles (43rd) – General Assembly member, Lynn Clark, Fairfax – City/County member.

Candidates must file (mailed or faxed) their membership filing form by 5:00 pm on Friday, September 18, 2009 (forms received by, not postmarked), with the designated jurisdictional representative for Fairfax (Eighth District Democratic Committee c/o Pixie Bell, 5906 Westchester St, Alexandria, VA  22310-1123; Phone:  (703) 971-3541; Fax: (703) 971-3541).

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Filers must be from the 8th in Fairfax and male, but no preference will be given to Magisterial District residence since the legal entity recognized by the Party Plan is County/City and we wish to have the best persons representing Fairfax in the 8th. Those qualified individuals who have filed timely with our jurisdictional representative, the Fairfax member with most seniority who will also be the convener, will have an opportunity to speak for two minutes to the elected Fairfax members of the 8th CD on Monday September 21st at 7:00 pm after which those members present will vote by secret ballot. The person receiving the most votes will be elected to the seat. In the event of tie among three or more candidates, a runoff vote will take place between the two highest vote recipients. The person elected to the seat by the elected Fairfax members of the 8th CD will then be presented to the full 8th CD Committee at the meeting immediately following for a formal vote / confirmation on their seat.

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