8th District Elects New Officers, GA Member and City County Representatives

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At the first meeting of the newly organized district committee on May 18th, 2009, the committee elected the following officers:

Margo E. Horner, Chair
Pixie Bell, First Vice Chair
Susan B. Kellom, Second Vice Chair
Charley Conrad, Secretary
Rose Chu, Treasurer

The district committee upon organization every two years as outlined in the Party Plan (section 6.2), elects one Democratic member of the General Assembly and three county or city representatives (these positions may be used to insure that the equal division requirement of Section 4.3 is met, i.e. gender balance). Members so chosen shall be counted in determining a quorum and shall be voting members of the district committee as soon as elected by the district committee. Confirmation of the election of the General Assembly member and the county or city representatives shall be made by the Central Committee.

Delegate Mark Sickles (43rd), General Assembly member
Dan Steen, Arlington
Lynn Clark, Fairfax
TBD, Alexandria