2016 8th CD Convention Wrap Up and Results

What a great day.

The 8th CD now has an entirely full delegation of 219 Delegates and 54 Alternates to the State Convention on June 18th. The District Convention heard from our Congressman Don Beyer, Lt. Governor Ralph Northam, Senator Dick Saslaw, Delegate Mark Sickles, and Fairfax County Supervisor (Lee District) Jeff McKay. We also heard from 2017 candidate for Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax. Many of our elected officials were in attendance as well: Senators Adam Ebbin, and Barbara Favola, Delegates Paul Krizek, Mark Levine, Alfonso Lopez, and Rip Sullivan, former Delegates Karen Darner and Dick Hobson, School Board Members (Arlington) Barbara Kanninen and James Lander, Falls Church Treasurer Jody Acosta, and Falls Church Commissioner of the Revenue Tom Clinton. At the State Convention we’ll also be electing DNC members, and we heard from our own 8th CD member and current DNC member running for re-election, Frank Leone, as well as from Atima Omara and Yasmine Taeb. Fairfax County Firefighter Colin Flanigan represented DNC Member and Virginia AFL-CIO President Doris Crouse-Mays with regard to Opposition to the Constitutional Amendment on Right to Work (Colin is Vice President of the Fairfax County Professional Fire Fighters & Paramedics, IAFF Local 2068).

Elections summarized below, full tally of results at the end of this post.

Each Presidential caucus elected their respective 8th CD Chair: David Whiteside (Sanders) and Margo Horner (Clinton).

Thanks to all of our 77 candidates for National Delegate and 5 for Elector. I’m pleased to introduce you to those who won:

  • Elector: Ginny Peters
  • National Delegates (Clinton): Allida Black, Danielle Simms, Kate Spears, Steve Baker, and Cragg Hines
  • National Delegates (Sanders): Ashley Bynum, Boyd Walker, and Mark Wiznitzer

The convention adopted all 22 of the Resolutions with the proviso that 8* of them will receive additional support from our 8th CD representative member on the 2016 Virginia Democratic Convention Permanent Resolutions Committee, Ginny Peters, for additional language strengthening them for consideration by the State Resolutions Committee.

The Convention nominated three members to the Permanent Rules and Credentials Committees for the 2016 Virginia State Democratic Convention:

  • Rules: Pat Malloy of the City of Alexandria, Matthew Weinstein of Arlington County, and Pat Morrison of Fairfax County
  • Credentials:  Dave Leichtman of Arlington County, Mary Paden of Fairfax County, and Alison Kutchma of Falls Church City

Thanks again to all the hard work of our committees and volunteers without whom this could not have run so well.


  • Alexandria: Francisco Duran, Clarence Tong, Boyd Walker
  • Arlington: Cragg Hines, Frank Leone, Chris Leyen, Peter Owen, Matthew Weinstein
  • Fairfax: Patrick Morrison – Chair, Pixie Bell, Steve Bunn, Mike Burke Kirby
  • Falls Church City: Daniel Rice


  • Alexandria: PJ Palmer-Johnson – Chair, Susan Kellom, Alice Tong, Paul Vogel
  • Arlington: Maggie Davis, Marvin Figueroa, Dave Leichtman, Maureen Markham
  • Falls Church: Alison Kutchma
  • Fairfax: Chris Ambrose, Sherry Dana, Karen Hendrixson, Alex Kirkland
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Dan Lagana, Terron Sims
  • Volunteer: Hugh Haworth


  • Alexandria: Pat Mulloy, Hazel Rigby, Ron Rigby
  • Arlington: Herschel Kanter, Vondell Carter, Steven Ferber, Atima Omara, Bob Platt
  • Fairfax: Ginny Peters – Chair, Kate Spears – Secretary, Chris Ambrose, Pierce Blue, Ayman Eldarwish, Ariel Gonzalez
  • Falls Church: Liz Hume

Arrangements, Etc.
Steve Bunn, PJ Palmer Johnson, Colin Flanigan, Graham Weinschenk, Peter Owen, DPVA COO Tom Buneo, DPVA Communications Director Emily Bolton, Matt Weinstein, Zack Bolton, Peg Willingham, and many volunteers who stepped forward gladly to assist with the District Convention.

Grateful appreciation also to our:

  • Jurisdictional Caucus Leaders: Clarence Tong (Alexandria), Kip Malinosky (Arlington), Steve Bunn (Fairfax), Tom Devlin (Falls Church)
  • Presidential District Representatives: Sarah Stott (Alexandria – Sanders), Senator Adam Ebbin (Alexandria – Clinton), Dan Adkins (Arlington – Sanders), Barbara Kanninen (Arlington – Clinton), Saba Shami (Fairfax – Sanders), Delegate Paul Krizek (Fairfax – Clinton)

Our 2016 mission is to elect a Democratic President and re-elect Congressman Don Beyer. I have no doubt at the commitment and passion in our 8th District & NoVA Democrats, Progressives, and Liberals. We must translate this into aggressive and enhanced voter registration and a strategic GOTV voter turnout to elect our Democrats.

As our great Governor Terry McAuliffe and Congressman Don Beyer have consistently reminded 8th District Democrats: ‘the road to the White House runs through Virginia’s 8th Congressional District’.

Thanks to all the Delegates and Alternates for making our 2016 District Convention a success.

-Margo Horner
Chair, VA 8th Congressional District Democratic Committee

* Resolutions that will receive additional support from our 8th CD representative member on the 2016 Virginia Democratic Convention Permanent Resolutions Committee, Ginny Peters, for additional language strengthening them for consideration by the State Resolutions Committee.

  • Reversing Citizens United and the Pernicious Influence of Money in Politics
  • College Access and Affordability
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • The Hydraulic Fracturing Process in Virginia
  • Prescription Drugs: Affordability and Patient Access
  • Support of Increasing The Minimum Wage
  • Protecting Virginia’s Environment
  • Wall Street Reform

Complete Tally of Results for Elector, CD National Delegate

At the regular monthly meeting of the 8th CD Committee on May 16th it was voted to disclose the full tally since so many requests were registered for that information (note: some individuals received no votes since they were not also Delegates and could not vote for themselves).

Presidential Elector (1)
Peters, Ginny 65
Mansker, Bob 54
Bell, Pixie 43
Kanter, Herschel 39
Bright, Charles 15
Clinton Female (3)
Black, Alida 72
Simms, Danielle 57
Spears, Kate 56
Caiazzo, Jill 50
Bacon, Beverly 22
Soeharjono, Dewita 19
Bowser, Jessica 19
Favola, Barbara 18
Lieber, Carole 16
Herrmann, Amanda 16
Dadey, Karen 14
Pollard, Kimberly 10
MacConomy, Kelly 9
Volk, Mary Jane 7
Bolton, Tatyana 6
Wood, Gina E. 6
Penedo, Natalia 5
Murphy, Florine S 4
Abraham, Amy Peck 3
Argun, Fatima 3
Bennett, Candice 3
Pearson, Charla S. 3
Steinberger, Sara 2
Beck, Judy 1
Gonzalez, Leni 1
O’Leary, Samantha 1
Peterson, Bethany 0
Unitas, Ann 0
Zermeno, Maritza 0
Clinton Male (2)
Hines, Cragg 81
Baker, Steve 70
Molloy, Patrick 30
Coleman, Ricardo 23
Person, Jeffrey 22
DelToro, Carlos 12
Cook, Michael 11
Duran, Francisco 10
Tsai, James 10
Plesser, Brian 5
Zumkhawala, Amar 5
Barton, Corey 1
Fier, Steven 0
Greiboski, Joseph K. 0
Schiavo-Campo, Salvatore 0
Solomon, Marc 0
Sanders Male (2)
Wiznitzer, Mark 27
Walker, Boyd 26
Rylander, Jason 24
Eitches, Eddie 19
Miesionczek, Matthew 16
Heath, Jesse 11
Zavala, Miguel 8
Hernandez, Miguel A. 3
BlackIII, JohnW. 2
Fleisher, Matthew 2
Walsh, John 2
Alliata, Dylan 0
Ambroise, Jerry 0
Bertsch, Dennis 0
Cannon, Jon 0
Khan, Zawwar 0
Monje, Gustavo 0
Schmidt, Andrew 0
Schmidt, Jason 0
Wu, Mark Anthony 0
Sanders Female (1)
Bynum, Ashley 20
Klein, Sonia 19
Duncan, Virginia 11
Pena, Naomi 10
Migdall, Joyce 7
Callaghan, Lucy 2
Castillo, Diana 2
Fretz, Elizabeth 1
Adams, Lauren 0
Blair, Jennifer 0
Haynes, Anne Gray 0