8th CD Convention, Message from the Chair

2013 District Convention

Eighth District Democrats,

Congratulations to those who have filed a 2013 Eighth Congressional District Committee Membership Form Prefiling Form by 5:00 pm on May 10 for consideration.

Effective May 1, 2013, the Eighth Congressional District adopted the rules as proposed by the Temporary Rules Committee, click here for ‘Rules’, for our District Convention which will be held on May 18 at Robert E. Lee High School in Springfield, VA.

All Democrats who are registered voters within the Eighth Congressional District may attend the District Convention. Convention attendees will sign-in between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. and have their names checked against a registered voters list for their jurisdiction. Registration will cease at 10:00 a.m. with the exception that anyone in line at 10:00 a.m. will be eligible for registration. After registration, attendees may join the jurisdiction caucus composed of other residents of their jurisdiction. 

The following candidates with their respective jurisdictions filed with me by 5 p.m. on May 10, 2013:

  • ALEXANDRIA CITY – 4 Members (2 female and 2 male)
    • Female: C. E. “PJ” Palmer Johnson, Susan Kellom, Dorothea Peters
    • Male: Elvis S. Cordova, Dak Hardwick, Richard Hobson, Pat Mulloy
  • ARLINGTON COUNTY– 6 Members (3 female and 3 male)
    • Female: Leni Gonzalez, Margo E. Horner, Maureen Markham
    • Male: Stephen W. Baker, Max Burns, Dave Leichtman, Steve Prince Ogunwo, Robert C. “Bob” Platt, Lawrence Roberts, Terron Sims II
  • FAIRFAX COUNTY – 9 Members (5 female and 4 male)
    • Female: Pixie Bell, Rose C. Chu, Lynn D. Clark, Alessia “Alex” Kirkland, Janet L. Myhre, Carmen Orozco-Acosta, Virginia “Ginny” Lehner Peters
    • Male: Christopher Ambrose, Steve Bunn, Michael G. Burke Kirby, Mark A. Cannady, John D. Cherry III, Eddie Eitches, Abdel-Rahman Hamed, Patrick Morrison, Alex Rodriguez
  • FALLS CHURCH CITY – 1 Member (1 female or 1 male)*
    • Female: Betty Coll

*Gender Balance: To be compliant with the State Party Plan Section 4.3 Equal Division, and pursuant to advice of the same section, gender balance may be achieved under the authority of Section 6.2 Additional Members; therefore, regarding the election of one Democratic member of the General Assembly and three county or city representatives “any district committee may choose to use these positions to insure that the equal division requirement of Section 4.3 is met.”

Thus, the 2013 Eighth District Convention will elect twenty Democratic State Central Committee members on May 18.

The Eighth District Convention’s Temporary Rules and Call may be found on the Eighth District Website, www.VA8thCDDems.org. The Temporary Resolutions Committee’s Report will be posted on the Website when it is available. I want to thank Steve Bunn for the countless hours he has spent on the Eighth District Website.

Charley Conrad, Eighth District Secretary, covered the Arlington Democratic Committee Headquarters to accept any last minute filings. Thanks Charley for being at the Headquarters.

Volunteers on the Eighth District and on the local Democratic Committees are working on the District Convention. The Rules Committee under the leadership of Pat Morrison and Steve Bunn along with the Credentials Committee, headed by PJ Palmer Johnson, and the Resolutions Committee, headed by Dick Hobson, have been hard at work on this year’s Eighth District Democratic Convention, and the Eighth District’s Parliamentarian, Peter Owen, will assist once again at this year’s District Convention.

So please encourage your Democratic friends, family, neighbors, and grassroots workers to attend the 2013 Eighth Congressional District Democratic Convention. Arrive early and purchase coffee and doughnuts from the Fairfax Young Democrats.

Forward to the 2013 Eighth Congressional District Democratic Convention!


Margo Horner
Chair, Eighth Congressional District Democratic Committee