2009 8th CD Convention Results

The very successful 2009 8th CD Convention, held Saturday May 16th at Edison High School, concluded with the unanimous adoption of the resolutions presented to the Convention and the election of a newly constituted membership.

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Credentialed voters by jurisdiction attending the convention: Arlington 82, Alexandria 14, Fairfax 53 and Falls Church 5.

The new members of Virginia’s 8th Congressional District Democratic Committee who will serve a four-year term (2009-2013) are:

  • Arlington County – 3 female members & 4 male members
    Carolina Espinal, Margo E. Horner,  Maureen Markham
    Charles B. (Charley)  Conrad, Alfonso H. Lopez, Peter Rousselot, Terron D. Sims, II
  • City of Alexandria – 2 female members & 2 male members
    Susan B. Kellom, C. E. Palmer Johnson (PJ)
    Richard R.G. Hobson, John Biechman
  • City of Falls Church – 1 female member
    Elizabeth H. (Betty) Coll
  • Fairfax County– 4 female members & 4 male members
    Pixie Bell, Rose Chu, Sandra J. Klassen, Susan Warner
    Steven T. Bunn,  Abdel Rahman Hamed, Patrick J. Morrison, Scott Surovell

The first meeting of the new membership will be held Monday, May 18th at 8:00 pm in the usual meeting location, the Falls Church Community Center.