Statements re: Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General

DPVA and our elected officials have put out statements. Here, we have provided links to all of them. Click on the titles to access each. We will continue to provide links here as we receive updates.

Governor Northam’s Statement on Offensive Photo

Virginia Democrats no linger support Northam; Demand immediate resignation

Lt. Governor Fairfax’s Statement

DPVA’s Statement on Lt. Governor Fairfax Allegations

Attorney General Mark Herring’s Statement

Virginia Democrats Call on Justin Fairfax to resign

Joint Statement of the Va. Congressional Delegation on Virginia’s Leadership

Virginia Legislative Black Caucus statements on both Gov. Northam and Lt. Gov. Fairfax can be found on the Caucus’s Facebook page

Many State Senators and House of Delegate members have released statements which can be found on their website or Facebook pages.