Beyer Wins Nomination

Beyer for CongressIn a race that began with the January 15th announcement from Congressman Moran that he would not seek re-election, a vigorous primary election concluded 146 days later with Don Beyer winning “decisively” from an initial field of thirteen candidates that saw seven still running on June 10th (* withdrawn prior to June 10th, but still on the ballot: Herring, Korpe, Shuttleworth).

In the heavily Democratic 8th District a Democrat is expected to prevail in the General Election on November 4th.

Donald S. Beyer, Jr. 17,780 45.77%
Lavern J. Chatman 2,116 5.45%
Mark H. Levine 2,613 6.73%
Charniele L. Herring * 126 0.32%
Patrick A. Hope 7,092 18.26%
Adam P. Ebbin 5,262 13.55%
Bruce B. Shuttleworth * 85 0.22%
Satish W. Korpe * 42 0.11%
William D. “Bill” Euille 3,253 8.37%
Derek S. Hyra 478 1.23%
  Total Votes 38,847