Stand with Workers, Stand with Labor, Stand for Jobs

As of August 6, 2011, Communication Workers of America (CWA) in Virginia have gone on strike against Verizon.

Despite the economic recession, Verizon continues to be an enormously prosperous company. Over the last four years, they raked in $19 billion in profits and their top 5 execs made $258 million among them. Just recently, the company paid out nearly $10 billion in stock dividends.

Yet, they are insisting 45,000 families take $20,000 in pay and benefit cuts a year so their execs and shareholders can pocket $1 billion more in profits. Right now, Verizon is making retrogressive demands that would effectively shred the contract that was bargained for and won over the last 50 years.

This fight is big. If a wildly profitable company like Verizon can strip away the rights of workers to keep their place in the middle class, other corporations are going to follow suit. Until Verizon agrees to bargain seriously, our brothers and sisters are bravely standing up and saying, “Enough!“

This is about jobs and keeping good ones here in America. Stand with CWA in their fight for job security and a shot at the American dream.

Please support our union brothers and sisters by honoring their picket lines. And in the case that Verizon contacts any affiliate to do the jobs of the striking workers, please show your solidarity by refusing to do so.

How Can You Help?

  • sign the petition and tell Verizon to stop attacking the middle class, click here
  • ‘Like’ and support on Facebook, click here
  • honor the picket lines – picket line map, click here; locations (text), click here
  • to Tweet about the strike, use the hashtag #verizonstrike and feel free to direct to @VZLaborfacts
  • see and share the video, click here
  • download iPhone app, click here

In unity,
Doris Crouse-Mays
President, Virginia AFL-CIO
C. Ray Davenport
Secretary-Treasurer, Virginia AFL-CIO