DPVA Weekly Top 5 for March 17, 2011

1. Cantor and Republicans defund emergency mortgage protections for servicemen and women

Last week, all eight Republican members of the House of Representatives voted to defund the Emergency Mortgage Relief program, a Democratic initiative created to help families who are struggling to pay their mortgages due to circumstances beyond their control stay in their homes.

Apparently not satisfied to make it more difficult for civilian families to stay off of the streets during a recession, Republicans also killed an amendment submitted by Virginia Democrat Gerry Connolly to preserve the program for active duty servicemen and women, veterans and families of servicemen and women who were killed in action.

To read more about last week’s Republican vote to kick more people out of their homes, click here.

2. Griffith spews udder nonsense over EPA regulations

Congressman Morgan Griffith is no fan of the Environmental Protection Agency. Unfortunately, disliking something does not give you license to just make things up to support your case for eliminating the thing you dislike. Earlier this week the Times-Dispatch’s PolitiFact Virginia debunked Griffith’s claim that the EPA changed its rules recently to treat milk spilled on dairy farms in the same way they treat oil spills.

To read more about Morgan Griffith’s scant relationship with the truth on EPA regulations click here.

3. Will George Allen cost George Allen another term in the Senate?

California cowboy George Allen is building his 2012 bid for the Senate seat he was bounced out of in 2006, but the Times-Dispatch columnist Jeff Schapiro wonders if the biggest obstacle to victory isn’t Allen himself. In a video column Schapiro examined the numerous facets of Allen’s record and character that may lead voters to say no once again to his “all hat, no cattle” brand of politics.

To watch Jeff Schapiro’s column on George Allen’s battle with himself, click here.

4. McDonnell’s redistricting commission gets to work

Governor Bob McDonnell’s bipartisan redistricting commission is in the process of drawing redistricting maps that are free of the political considerations that typically guide the decennial process. While the group is touring the state and accepting public feedback as part of their work, it remains to be seen whether or not McDonnell has the power or the will to make sure advisory panel’s recommendations are reflected in the final result of the process.

5. Eric Cantor isn’t pandering enough to the Tea Party

No seriously. The Virginia Tea Party Federation released a statement earlier this week expressing their disappointment that “Eric Cantor’s ‘conversion’ to fiscal restraint was only temporary.” The main source of their anger with Cantor is his vote, along with other Republican leaders, to kill a Tea Party amendment that even he recognized went too far in cutting programs that serve working American families.

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