Candidate for Chairman DPVA, Peter Rousselot

The Future of DPVA

   Peter Rousselot for DPVA Chair

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I am announcing my candidacy for DPVA Chair. The election for this position will take place at the next DPVA Central Committee meeting on Saturday, December 4, in Newport News.

A number of you have reached out to me and urged me to run for DPVA Chair. You have told me that it is very important to you to have a choice of more than one candidate for whom to vote for DPVA Chair. I am very grateful for your confidence in me. I strongly share your belief in a democratic selection process for our Virginia Democratic Party Chair.

Many of you already know me and my background; some of you may not. I served four years as Arlington County’s Democratic Committee Chair (2006-2010). I also served as a member of DPVA’s 2010 Strategic Planning Committee. You can learn more about me and my background at my DPVA Chair campaign website:

I have thought a lot about the strategies that the next DPVA Chair should pursue. I have published my suggestions on my website, Please take a few moments to review my ideas for our party.

Having led one of the most successful local Democratic committees in Virginia and the nation, I know what it takes to excel as a Democratic Party chair. Very respectfully, I am asking for your support and your vote to enable me to devote my talents and experience to serve as DPVA’s next Chair. If you elect me as your Chair, I will serve full time in that position.

After you review my strategic recommendations, I ask each of you to contact me as soon as you can. What do you think? Do you agree with my priorities? Do you have additional or different priorities? Are you interested in supporting my campaign for DPVA chair?

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.