With Honor in Hand

Terron D. Sims. II West Point graduate, Iraq war veteran, and now author, Terron is a member of the 8th Congressional District Democratic Committee. Among many other positions, Terron is also a member of the Veterans and Military Families Caucus for DPVA.

His new book, With Honor in Hand, is the tale of two friends battling with a serious moral dilemma- a fight between the code of their profession vs. their code  of honor. Mercenaries, the two friends, Douglas “Big Mac” Pollard and Amos Man Killer Stewart, are the truest of professionals and the best at what they do. They have never reneged on a contract, but now find themselves in a position where they wish they could exercise that option.

With Honor in Hand It is our honor and pleasure to support Terron and recommend his book for your library.

Terron’s book is available from many sources, remember that Barnes and Noble is 100% blue in their corporate giving (v. Amazon that is 100% red).

With Honor in Hand, from Barnes and Noble